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Zeldathon: Playing Zelda to Fight Diabetes

American Cancer Society

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Gaming is fun. It always has been. Simple enough, right?

But wouldn’t it be so much better if you could give while you game?

That’s the idea behind  gaming marathons – After all, they are Zelda-centric and are always for great causes.

Another upcoming Zelda marathon coming to an internet connection near you is the next “Zeldathon,” a series of Zelda marathons organized by teens from Meadville, Pennsylvania (which, by the way, totally exists, apparently). The group has seen their fair share of successful marathons; their most recent, back in June, raised $3,300 for the American Cancer Society. With their next marathon, they are going to attempt to beat out old efforts by having higher quality broadcasts of the players and by having – what else? – a longer marathon.


For more info regarding Zeldathon and to learn how you can donate, hit the jump.


This new marathon will be for the purpose of raising thousands for the American Diabetes Association, and for Matthew Moffit, the Marathon Director, this is a very dear issue. In the Zeldathon press release, Moffit states:

“Both my father and grandfather passed away due to complications of diabetes. It is my hope that through this event, we can not only have lots of fun with our audience, but raise a great deal of money to help fund diabetes research as well.”


Moving words, Matthew. The marathon starts on December 27th, and if you want to donate, please visit


Credits go to doing such an awesome event!


Nintendo to exhibit at CES, DSi Black Friday bundles

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Nintendo is bundling its consoles for the holidays and has signed up to exhibit at CES this January, its first appearance at the event in 16 years.

In an effort to stave off falling sales, Nintendo has announced an orange DSi and green DSi bundle for $150. Both bundles will come with a copy of Mario Party DS

This is the third bundle the Big N has announced in the last month. A few weeks ago, the company began selling a $200 “Mario-red” Wii bundle that included a Wii, Wii Remote Plus, Wii Sports, a red nunchuk, and Super Mario Bros  Wii

There is also a red DSi XL bundle available; it comes with Mario Kart DS. Game system bundles are a tried and true way to boost sales of a console during its later years on the market and no one is more familiar with the practice than Nintendo.

Suppose Nintendo is deperate to stay alive this holiday season. Both the DS and Wii systems have not been selling well.

Nintendo of America President Reginald Fils-Aime believes the Wii has another 15 billion dollars in sales  before its successor hits the market

Nintendo at CES

Though Fils-Aime says that a Wii successor is years away, Nintendo has signed up to exhibit  new product at the January Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

This is the first time the game company has appeared at CES in 16 years. Microsoft and Sony are also joining the show, which runs from January 6-9, 2011.

With the gaming market expected to generate $20.3 million in 2010, the International CES is the must-stop hub for innovative gaming products, and will allow CES attendees to experience the future of gaming from an amazing range of innovative companies,” proclaimed CES organiser Karen Chupka.

Nintendo is expected to focus on its new 3DS, a handheld successor to the Nintendo DS that has 3D capabilities without glasses. Hopefully, a few details about the Wii 2 will leak as well.

Zelda and Mario games on the Nintendo 3DS to be “easier”

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For those of you looking to try out the Nintendo 3DS, be prepared to see the difference between your beloved DS titles in 3D, but a little easier this time around. We do know that Legend of Zelda: OoT will be hitting the gaming shelves when the 3DS is launched, and as well as  Mario games will be hitting the shelves , only rumored to be a 2D and 3D version coming out for it.

“In the past 3D Mario games, and 3D Zelda games for that matter, if there were several floors at the same height, it was hard for the players to tell if each one of them was located with the same distance between them, or if just one was further away and higher than the other floors.” Miyamoto said.

“On Nintendo 3DS, you can readily understand the height and distance of the next floor in front of you. You can feel the difference by switching between the 2D and 3D modes. You might have had a hard time trying to jump on a stump or to hit a floating question-mark block in 3D Mario [games] until now, but you will be able to do so easily on Nintendo 3DS,” said Shigeru Miyamoto to investors a week ago.

I expected them to be fully crafted due to the fact they are supposed to be in 3D, and Miyamoto confirmed that the characters themselves will be “more vivid”. This only helps to make the hype and wait for the 3DS even better.

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Do students pass math class the first time?

Students usually almost always have to take a math class for whenever they first enter college, usually this leads to them being placed in low level classes where credit is not given.

A way students could improve their math skills is by going to the tutoring center to get tutored for math. Does this always work for students? Not really at all in my own opinion. Colleges and even university’s should offer a way for students to pass their math class the first time around.  My college has a developmental math course starting in the Spring 2011 semester.

It offers a way for students to get used to using our math program, and also to find a way to better improve their math skills in a group classroom where the instructor works with the whole group on how to solve the different problems.

To quote the program information,

“In the Spring 2011 Semester[college name]will run pilot sections (denoted in the schedule with an R) of 070R, 087R, 096R, and 099R.  In the Fall 2011 Semester [college name] will be running all developmental math courses in this redesign format.  The redesigned curriculum will be similar in content to the current courses that we are offering, but we will be implementing a different approach. ”


Here are some of the key details about the redesigned format:

·       ”  Courses will no longer have class time set aside for lecture but instead will utilize a student learning software called MyLabsPlus, which many of you are already familiar with.  This program provides video lectures, online homework and quizzes with immediate feedback, example problems already worked out with explanations, tutorials, and online tutoring as examples of some of the many resources available to students.”

There are more, but it is too long of a list.


Have you passed your math class the first time? What was your grade?


Are video games good for your health?

Playing video games could be good for your mental health” by Shankar Vedantam


Just think, playing a video game that helps with depression. Is this a good thing or bad thing? Many believe so, but here are my opinions.

While many people believe that video games are bad for your health, studies have shown otherwise in a recent study. Bejeweled, a video game made by Pop Cap Games helped a resident in St. Marys, Kan with a depression issue. Gail Nichols, the resident who played Bejeweled was the first one to encounter this, and contact the video game company which resulted to the testing of seeing if Americans who were going through depression would feel any different with this study.

While I do believe video games are bad for your health, I can clearly see the reason as to why Bejeweled is a stress reliever. The game requires focusing skills, paying attention, and looking at the screen to get an idea at what you are doing.

There should be more video games that focus on helping people who have depression as well, but there are not as many games like that these days.

Studies seem to show that Bejeweled has shown improved moods and heart rhythms, but does this go towards all video games like Bejeweled? Most parents think not, but there are others who believe it does help.

Depression is an issue that most of the American people face, and I strongly agree that games like this help with it because your eyes are on the game. There is not much shooting, killing, and stabbing in these video games. Usually whenever you do play those types of video games your mood can really change, and it might even show anger towards other people you love in your family.

Certainly more video game companies should do this testing phase to see how bad video games are for your health. Maybe then the consumers will change their mind about making any more violent video games. The more testing that is done, the more proof we have about video games changing people’s lives.


[Article is an opinion article we had to do today. It is about only 355 words I believe]

Why must they always have ‘college level’ reading?

College level reading, is it important, or really needed?

Whenever I first enrolled at my college, I was in fact, placed in one of the many reading courses due to messing up, and probably speeding up to get out of the place. It was the summer time, and I didn’t want to deal with school since I graduated that same year.

I hate the reading program, because you have to do these things called,”cycles” which require you to read out loud to one of the staff in your group. I was annoyed with this program, and really think taking college level reading isn’t needed for any of the other courses. I am a perfect reader in real life, and really find the program bogus.

My final input for this blog entry: BE SURE YOU DO WELL on the reading assessment, so you do not face the same thing I have!