Are video games good for your health?

Playing video games could be good for your mental health” by Shankar Vedantam


Just think, playing a video game that helps with depression. Is this a good thing or bad thing? Many believe so, but here are my opinions.

While many people believe that video games are bad for your health, studies have shown otherwise in a recent study. Bejeweled, a video game made by Pop Cap Games helped a resident in St. Marys, Kan with a depression issue. Gail Nichols, the resident who played Bejeweled was the first one to encounter this, and contact the video game company which resulted to the testing of seeing if Americans who were going through depression would feel any different with this study.

While I do believe video games are bad for your health, I can clearly see the reason as to why Bejeweled is a stress reliever. The game requires focusing skills, paying attention, and looking at the screen to get an idea at what you are doing.

There should be more video games that focus on helping people who have depression as well, but there are not as many games like that these days.

Studies seem to show that Bejeweled has shown improved moods and heart rhythms, but does this go towards all video games like Bejeweled? Most parents think not, but there are others who believe it does help.

Depression is an issue that most of the American people face, and I strongly agree that games like this help with it because your eyes are on the game. There is not much shooting, killing, and stabbing in these video games. Usually whenever you do play those types of video games your mood can really change, and it might even show anger towards other people you love in your family.

Certainly more video game companies should do this testing phase to see how bad video games are for your health. Maybe then the consumers will change their mind about making any more violent video games. The more testing that is done, the more proof we have about video games changing people’s lives.


[Article is an opinion article we had to do today. It is about only 355 words I believe]

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