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Finals, finals, and more finals!

Stress Reduction Kit

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Hello fellow college students!

The time has come for the semester finals! What are some of your plans to ‘help study’? I chose to go to a place called the “Relaxation Station” at the college. They help keep you under stressed for finals. 🙂

Places like this should be offered for all college students at every uni/community college. What classes are you taking this semester? Do you think the final will be hard? Post away here!

The Relaxation Station offers: Board games, card games, and last year they had free massages to help with stress. It was quite a smart idea! 🙂


Do students pass math class the first time?

Students usually almost always have to take a math class for whenever they first enter college, usually this leads to them being placed in low level classes where credit is not given.

A way students could improve their math skills is by going to the tutoring center to get tutored for math. Does this always work for students? Not really at all in my own opinion. Colleges and even university’s should offer a way for students to pass their math class the first time around.  My college has a developmental math course starting in the Spring 2011 semester.

It offers a way for students to get used to using our math program, and also to find a way to better improve their math skills in a group classroom where the instructor works with the whole group on how to solve the different problems.

To quote the program information,

“In the Spring 2011 Semester[college name]will run pilot sections (denoted in the schedule with an R) of 070R, 087R, 096R, and 099R.  In the Fall 2011 Semester [college name] will be running all developmental math courses in this redesign format.  The redesigned curriculum will be similar in content to the current courses that we are offering, but we will be implementing a different approach. ”


Here are some of the key details about the redesigned format:

·       ”  Courses will no longer have class time set aside for lecture but instead will utilize a student learning software called MyLabsPlus, which many of you are already familiar with.  This program provides video lectures, online homework and quizzes with immediate feedback, example problems already worked out with explanations, tutorials, and online tutoring as examples of some of the many resources available to students.”

There are more, but it is too long of a list.


Have you passed your math class the first time? What was your grade?


Why must they always have ‘college level’ reading?

College level reading, is it important, or really needed?

Whenever I first enrolled at my college, I was in fact, placed in one of the many reading courses due to messing up, and probably speeding up to get out of the place. It was the summer time, and I didn’t want to deal with school since I graduated that same year.

I hate the reading program, because you have to do these things called,”cycles” which require you to read out loud to one of the staff in your group. I was annoyed with this program, and really think taking college level reading isn’t needed for any of the other courses. I am a perfect reader in real life, and really find the program bogus.

My final input for this blog entry: BE SURE YOU DO WELL on the reading assessment, so you do not face the same thing I have!